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Current Personnel
Robert Barnaby
Firefighter 1A
Carl Arnold Firefighter II / Paramedic
Jim Harrison Firefighter II / Paramedic
Ray Croskey Firefighter IA
Nick Lishewski Firefighter II / EMT
Drew Pierson Firefighter II / AEMT
Devin Barnaby Firefighter I
Shelbie Briggs Firefighter II / Paramedic
Jim Crooks Firefighter I / EMT
Dan Dorner Firefighter I / EMT
Jake Hoffman Firefighter II / AEMT
Keith Hudson Firefighter II / EMT
Nathan Keil Probationary Firefighter I
Chris Hartford Firefighter II / EMT
Casey Maupin Firefighter II / EMT
Zach McAuley Firefighter I
Brandon Rosebrock Firefighter II / EMT
Joe Santiago Firefighter I
Alex Smith Firefighter II / EMT
Ken Thomas

Firefighter I / EMT

Wes Waggoner Firefighter II / EMT
Kyle Woods Firefighter I / EMT
Susan Schwab Firefighter I / Paramedic
Jeremy Chesser Firefighter II / Paramedic

If you are a current member or a past member of Spencer Fire/Rescue and would like to be added.

Please contact us @ (419) 865-2101